Our Business

As one of Japan's leading general manufacturers of precious metal products, we operate a comprehensive business that encompasses development, manufacturing, sales and recycling of precious metal materials, products, and technologies.

ISHIFUKU Refining and Recycling Product Development and Manufacturing Sales

Product Development and Manufacturing

One of our main distinguishing features is the way we concentrate the operations of R&D, production technology, manufacturing, quality assurance, and other functions at the Soka Plant. We have established a flexible and agile production system through seamless collaboration among individuals, materials and information across departmental boundaries within the plant.


The sales representatives at the Tokyo headquarters and branches in Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka serve as contact points for clients. They handle a wide range of clients' questions and concerns regarding quotation, order, prototyping, recycling, etc.. We welcome inquiries and consultations from new clients, so please feel free to contact us.

Refining and Recycling

We carefully select the best methods for separation, recovery, and refining of chemically stable precious metals that do not melt easily. Refined to high levels of purity, these precious metals are used as raw materials for new products. We also recycle scrap generated in production processes, so that rare precious metals can be utilized without waste.

Products and Services

Industrial and Medical Products

We strive to develop and produce precious metal materials to meet clients' needs in various field and for various use. We can supply precious metal materials in a wide range of forms and types, such as functional materials, catalyst compounds, and materials for medical applications. We help clients to realize the miniaturization of products as well as improvements in their performance, leveraging the properties of precious metals to the maximum.

Nanomaterials Products

Drawing upon the knowledge we have accrued from our fundamental research and participation in industry-government-academy collaborations over the years, we develop and mass-produce nanoscale catalysts from precious metals. We have track record in catalyst development for fuel cell applications and water electrolysis applications, and we are working actively to develop new applications as well.

Dental Products

Our product lineup includes a wide range of choices tailored to individual conditions and uses, each with outstanding properties in terms of mechanism, durability, and workability. Our strength lies in the stable supply capacity and the production system that ensures the production of safe and reliable products based on ISO 13485 standards.

  • *We supply dental products only within Japan. Please be aware of this limitation.

Precious metal materials for jewelry

Precious metals have been cherished and recognized throughout history as symbols of wealth due to their luminous beauty. We manufacture jewelry materials that harness the rich hues and chemical stability of these precious metals.

  • *We supply materials for jewelry only within Japan. Please be aware of this limitation.

Precious metal bullion

Our gold, silver, and platinum bullion have been certified by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM). Leveraging our expertise in manufacturing high-purity precious metal, we produce not only industrial products but also bullion for investment.

Refining and Recycling

We consider that the recycling side of our business plays an important role in ensuring sustainable use of rare and expensive precious metals. We choose the best methods to recover and refine precious metals from items of clients. After refining, we can either purchase the recovered precious metals or return them to you, depending on your preference. Alternatively, we can use the recovered precious metals to create new products for you.