Nanomaterials Products

We will contribute to a sustainable society with our revolutionary technology.

Nanomaterial products are hoped to bring significant benefits to the core technology in the next generation. Its utilization has been promoted in a wide range of fields: electrical and electronic products, paints and inks, cosmetics, and more.
We develop and manufacture nanomaterial products using precious metals, being the essential key in various applications.

Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cells

Our expertise in precious metal catalysts will contribute to improve the fuel cell's catalyst activity.

Fuel cells have been attracting a public attention in expectation as a source of clean energy. Through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, fuel cells generate electricity and water as by-products. Catalysts, which promote the electrochemical reaction, is a key component to improve the efficiency of fuel cell.
Our development of precious metal catalysts will lead to the realization of hydrogen society.

Electrocatalysts for PEM Water Electrolysis

We will support the progress towards a hydrogen society with our high-performance catalysts.

"Green hydrogen" is known as a sustainable energy source in the next generation, which is produced by water electrolysis with renewable energy.
We develop precious metal catalysts and components which are designed for PEM type water electrolyzer.

Other Applications

We are pursuing eagerly the possible applications in a wide range of fields.

We have succeeded in utilizing the quantum effects of nanomaterial products with our abundant experience of precious metals. It will promote the development of new materials being greatly anticipated.

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We aim to fully harness the exceptional properties of precious metals.