High level of quality stability with our in-house developed powders and their application-based compositions

Precious metal pastes are widely used in various fields such as automotive, electrical and electronic components, and energy. With our developed precious metal powders and compositions that are suitable for specific applications, we flexibly accommodate your requirements. We also welcome custom orders starting from small quantities.


  • We select our own formulations and powder types based on desired electrical conductivity, applications, heat-treatment conditions, and printing requirements.
  • Customization is available to suit specific usage in particular environments.
  • We provide a wide range of precious metal pastes, including alloy powders and powder mixtures.
Examples of customization by application
  • Adjustment of gas reactivity

    Our precious-metal pastes can be made highly dispersed and porous to adjust the contact point with the gas (three-phase interface, etc.). They can be utilized in applications such as gas sensors that utilize catalytic reactions.

  • Adjustment of bonding strength with substrates

    Depending on the usage conditions, we can select appropriate aggregate to adjust the bonding strength to meet your target requirements. They can be utilized in applications that require improved durability in high-stress environments. Aggregate such as glass, alumina, zirconia, and others are available, and they will be selected according to your specific needs.

  • Enhancement of thermal durability

    We offer highly durable pastes designed for use in high-temperature or thermal cycling environments.


The following are representative examples of pastes for printing on various ceramic substrates and green sheets.
We also offer other products to meet your specific requirements, so please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.
Main applications Main ingredients Recommended heat treatment temperature(℃)
Circuit Conductive Parts (Lead Wire) Platinum 1300 to 1600
Reaction Electrode Parts (Sensing) Platinum 1300 to 1600
Reaction Electrode Parts (Sensing) Gold-Platinum Alloy 1300 to 1600
Reaction Electrode Parts (Sensing) Platinum-Rhodium Alloy 1300 to 1600
Reaction Electrode Parts (Sensing) Platinum 850 and above
Heating Element Parts (Heater) Platinum 1300 to 1600
Internal electrode Platinum 850 and above
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