Refining and Recycling

To preserve limited resources for future generations

Precious metals are scarce resources on Earth. For example, the total amount of gold mined throughout history is estimated to be less than the volume of four official Olympic swimming pools.
We are dedicated to recycling of precious metals, aiming to preserve these valuable resources for future generations and minimize the environmental impact.

Social responsibility in precious metal recycling

We are committed to upholding social responsibility in the procurement of raw materials. To ensure a transparent and ethical supply chain, we have implemented a 'Policy on Raw Material Procurement' and adhere to the guidelines established by LBMA and LPPM. We also ask customers who wish to recycle materials to complete surveys regarding the origin of the raw materials.

Initiatives in the recycling process

We recycle products into high-purity precious metals through a multi-step refining process at our Soka Plant. Furthermore, we endeavor to shorten the recovery-refining period and improve the recovery rate by employing the most suitable recovery method for each targeted element. We also engage in the refining of in-house generated by-products and scraps, aiming to effectively utilize limited resources.

Precious metal recycling sustainability

Recycled precious metals can be purchased, returned as-is, or used as raw materials for new products. By re-using them for new products, you will be able to lower your material costs and improve cash flow, while efficiently utilizing limited resources and reducing environmental impact. Through our precious-metal recycling business, we contributes to the realization of a circular economy.

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We aim to fully harness the exceptional properties of precious metals.