Durable and high-performance precious metal chips

The electrode materials used in spark plugs, an essential component of automobile engines, are transitioning from base metals to precious metals.
Our company was the first in the world to successfully mass-produce iridium electrodes for spark plugs, and since then we have been contributing to the improvement of automotive performance worldwide with them.

Iridium-based alloy chips

We are committed to developing new materials that exhibit superior properties while reducing the usage of precious metals.
Iridium, among the precious metals, has a high melting point and excellent chemical stability. However, processing this metal can be challenging due to its extreme hardness and brittleness.
Our company has developed advanced wire processing technology to work with this hard-to-machine metal into fine-wire chips for spark plug electrodes. This enables exceptional fuel efficiency through discharge performance, improved acceleration through ignition performance, and extended lifespan, resulting in maintenance-free operation, of spark plugs.

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We aim to fully harness the exceptional properties of precious metals.