Electrocatalysts for PEM Water Electrolysis

We will support the progress towards a hydrogen society with our high-performance catalysts.

"Green hydrogen" is known as a sustainable energy source in the next generation, which is produced by water electrolysis with renewable energy. We develop precious metal catalysts and components which are designed for PEM type water electrolyzer.


Iridium oxide nanosheets

This product efficiently utilizes iridium oxide to reduce iridium content significantly for PEM type water electrolysis.
Iridium oxide nanosheets has a monolayer thickness to maximize effective use of iridium.
Electrolyte:0.1 M HClO4 aq.(23℃), Scan rate:50 mV sec-1
Thin film material with high electrochemical activity

Platinum plated titanium electrode

The platinum-plated titanium electrode is an insoluble electrode composed of a titanium base with an electroplated platinum catalyst. It exhibits high durability and allows for adjusting the electrode's lifespan by varying the thickness of the platinum coating.

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