ISHIFUKU's Technical Capabilities

Throughout our history spanning over 90 years, we have focused on our core business in the precious metals industry, without diversifying into other sectors.
Our mission is to maximize the performance of various products by harnessing the exceptional properties of precious metals, thereby delivering value to society.

Purity Assurance and Mass Control

Rigorous quality control measures for precious metal bullion

We carefully select raw materials through purity analysis and conduct rigorous quality checks on factors such as mass and appearance at each stage of the production process to ensure the quality of our products. Our gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion have passed stringent assessments by LBMA and LPPM. The grade and mass engraved on our bullion are backed by the quality assurance system.

Development of Materials

Alloy development for technological innovation

To create high-performance products used in cutting-edge fields, excellent materials are essential. Based on our extensive experience and track record, we develop alloys that maximize the properties of precious metals. Our alloys contribute to your technological innovations.

Processing Technology

Technical expertise and skill in processing difficult-to-work materials

Precious metals possess excellent characteristics, but they can be challenging to process. Through years of trial and error, we have developed high-level techniques and skills to flexibly process precious metals into shapes and dimensions that meet our clients' requirements.

Developing Chemical Products

High-quality compounds with controlled structure using in-house adjusted raw materials

Precious metals are known for their excellent catalyst activity and are used in various applications in the field of chemistry. We specialize in the structural control of precious metals tailored to our clients' needs. Furthermore, to enhance product quality, we prepare our own raw materials and closely manage the reaction processes.

Collaborating with Government and Academia

The challenge of realizing a sustainable society

We collaborate with parties in industry, government, and universities and conduct cutting-edge research and development work as a member of a project promoted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). For this project, precious metal materials are used to develop technologies and products that will help realize a sustainable society.