Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cells

Our expertise in precious metal catalysts will contribute to improve the fuel cell's catalyst activity.

Fuel cells have been attracting a public attention in expectation as a source of clean energy. Through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, fuel cells generate electricity and water as by-products. Catalysts, which promote the electrochemical reaction, is a key component to improve the efficiency of fuel cell.
Our development of precious metal catalysts will lead to the realization of hydrogen society.


Platinum loaded carbon

Fine platinum particles are loaded on carbon support with high dispersity, designed for both anode and cathode.
Achieving both high catalyst activity and durability by the loading method which utilizes the structure of carbon support.
We can consider a possibility to meet client's request on catalyst properties.

Achieving high catalyst activity

(Compared with 0.85 V current)

Durability increased (under load cycle protocol)

(Compared with voltage loss of 2 A/cm2)

Durable platinum loaded carbon

This is designed to meet durability requirements, paticularly for heavy-duty vehicle applications.
Achieving high fuel cell performance against significant voltage fluctuation. The carbon support has both high specific surface area and high crystallinity.

Crystalline size of carbon support increased 5 times

Durability increased (under Start-up/shut-down protocol)

We have succeeded in adopting approximately 5 times higher carbon corrosion resistance support. The catalysts have approximately 11 times longer life time.

Platinum cobalt loaded carbon

This product is designed to achieve high catalyst activity by loading platinum-cobalt alloy particles on carbon.
Achieving high catalyst activity by loading alloyed particles with high specific surface area. We can consider a possibility to meet client's request on catalyst properties.

Achieving high catalyst activity by controlling the location of loaded Pt, and alloying Pt and Co

(Compared with 0.85V current density)

We have succeeded in controlling the loading location, and alloying Pt and Co, which enhances the catalyst activity. The catalyst activity shows approximately 3 times higher than commercialized platinum loaded carbon.

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