Policy on Information Security

Recognizing the proper protection of its own information assets as well as those entrusted to it by customers, trading partners, and other third parties to be an important social responsibility, Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd. ("Company") has established the following Basic Policy on Information Security ("Policy")

  1. 1To protect information assets from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crime, the Company has developed a companywide information-security structure and strives to maintain and improve it continually.
  2. 2Together with increasing the information literacy of all employees by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed for purposes of information security, the Company ensures that they understand thoroughly that leaks of information will be responded to strictly.
  3. 3Together with complying with laws, regulations, rules, social norms, and contractual obligations regarding information security, the Company also strives to ensure that rules and regulations it has established itself for information security purposes are complied with thoroughly.
  4. 4The Company will respond promptly, properly, and strictly to any issues related to information security and strive to prevent the spread of damage and prevent their recurrence.

Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President/Executive Officer
Motonari Komiya
April 1, 2022